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Physical Attraction

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We are a physics podcast. But not just a physics podcast - interviews with scientists, scholars, authors and reflections on the history and future of science and technology are all in the wheelhouse.

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Nov 28, 2018

In this episode of Physical Attraction, we'll talk about the breaking news surrounding the birth of the world's first genetically modified CRISPR baby. 

"He Jiankui, the Chinese scientist who claims to have helped produce the first people born with edited genomes — twin girls — appeared today at a gene-editing summit in Hong Kong to explain his experiment. He gave his talk amid threats of legal action and mounting questions, from the scientific community and beyond, about the ethics of his work and the way in which he released the results."  - Nature Magazine.

This experiment, which - if confirmed - marks the first instance where a genetically modified human was born - may well have crossed the Rubicon and opened Pandora's Box on behalf of humanity, to mix metaphors. An ethical and scientific storm is already brewing. We'll describe and discuss the experiment, and what it might mean, and then brief you on the future of the show.