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Physical Attraction

Maybe you've seen a thousand science documentaries and you're tired of hearing about the same subjects; or maybe you don't know the first thing about physics, but would love to learn. My aim with this show is to explore the vast range of topics in physics, science, and technology. Whether you know the story already or are learning it all for the first time, my aim is to "educate, inform, and entertain!" 

We are a physics podcast. But not just a physics podcast - interviews with scientists, scholars, authors and reflections on the history and future of science and technology are all in the wheelhouse.

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We had a sister podcast, Autocracy Now, which deals with the lives of famous historical dictators. You can find some of their episodes on our feed, or the show itself at 

May 21, 2020

This week, we have a guest on the show - Kit Yates, who is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and co-director of the Centre for Mathematical Biology at the University of Bath, and who's written an excellent book "The Maths of Life and Death" on various applications of maths in biology, from...

May 15, 2020

I'm excited today to say that we have a guest on the show - Gemma Milne, who has written a book, Smoke and Mirrors, about how technological hype distorts the future. I really enjoyed the book, which deals with nine areas of considerable hype in technology, and not only takes you through some of the fascinating...

May 9, 2020

For the pandemic masochists:

=> A brief discussion of treatments
=> Information surrounding past and future strategies to combat pandemics
=> Some information regarding contact-tracing apps, both in theory and in practice. [Too long; didn't listen - they probably won't be that useful.]

May 9, 2020

For the masochists who apparently can't get enough content about the coronavirus:

=> An interview with my friend who participated in the vaccine trials
=> Some discussion of the risk factors that are associated with deaths from COVID-19
=> Updated discussion of "herd immunity" thresholds and the link between R0 and...

Apr 30, 2020

N/B: This series of episodes was written before the coronavirus pandemic. I've decided the best thing to do is to present them as was and maybe have another episode reflecting on what the pandemic means for their conclusions later on.


We've outlined a nexus between catastrophic...